Email Marketing in Baltimore, Maryland

Email Marketing Services in Baltimore, Maryland

No matter your business, you have a product, service, or message that you want to provide to your clients and customers. Email Marketing is the most cost-effective way to stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds, remind them of your products, and generate visits to your website or online store.


If you want to be at the forefront of people’s attention spans, sending emails every day or even every week can remind them of your products, services, and is a more personalized way of reaching your audience.


Emails, even business emails and promotional emails, can be personalized to each customer. You have the ability to send photos, updates, emails, alerts about what you are doing in the community, notices about rewards or reviews you have received, and more.

Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing Best Used For?


Following up with clients after events, sales, purchases, views, etc. can encourage reviews, additional or future sales, and recommendations

In-Sight In-Mind

Staying at the forefront of your customers’ minds is achieved by having them be reminded of your company weekly or monthly with update emails


Alerting customers to sales, new products, your portfolio, and more can entice them to view your page, make new purchases, and more

Spark Interest

Generating interest in what you offer by sharing community updates, positive reviews, and other news creates shares, views, and more

What Our Baltimore Email Marketing Agency Can Do for You

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We provide the best email marketing service we can to our clients via understanding your branding, business, industry, products, services, and targeted audiences.


We utilize professional digital marketing experts and professional copywriters so everything from the headline to the images to videos and call to action buttons are made to catch the user’s eye and draw their attention to your topic.


You will begin to see increased traffic, purchases, and more with email marketing through the Be More Innovations team.

Baltimore Email Marketing Strategy – Backed by Stats

If you are wondering what the best email marketing services can do for you, and you have not considered email marketing before, here are some stats that reflect the usage of email marketing to date.


These were gathered from trusted digital marketing researchers from BackLinko and Oberlo and are why we are so dedicated to creating successful email marketing campaigns for our clients.

50% of Customers

Half of customers say they like to receive promotional emails weekly from businesses and brands they like

200 Billion Emails

Over 200 billion emails are sent daily, the majority being business and consumer emails

80% of Businesses

80% of small businesses rely on email as their main form of acquiring clients and their primary way of retaining interest

2.5 Billion People

More than 34% of people worldwide utilize email, about 2.5 billion people

42% of Users

42% of users subscribe to email lists intending to receive coupons, savings, etc.

$40 from $1

Over $40 is produced from email marketing for every $1 spent

The Sustainability of an Email Marketing Campaign

Although email can feel outdated in a world of social media, email is the one thing almost every online user has. While some people may have a Twitter or they may have a Facebook, almost everyone utilizes email in some way, especially in their day to day routine.


Baltimore Email marketing also includes tracking how many of your emails are opened, click-throughs, and more. Email marketing campaigns can be personalized to client demographic, and customers’ actions when they are visiting your site. This means your emails can be more personalized for age, gender, pages visited on your site, and more, so the content included is specifically useful to the receivers.


Email has become a staple in everyone’s daily life for communication and messaging. Join the hype by contacting us about email marketing and how it can work specifically for your business. From online retailers to roofers and gym owners, there are ways to utilize email marketing so costumers are thinking of you, recommending you, applying your coupons, and more.

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The Best Email Marketing Benefits

Cost Effective



Action Oriented


Dedicated Email Marketing Experts in Baltimore, Maryland

What makes Be More Innovations your go-to, reliable team of experts for email marketing is our dedication to learning and refining all aspects of Digital Marketing. Clients rely on us to boost their company’s sales and online presence via a variety of services.


If you want to combine email marketing into a larger package of digital marketing services, we are here for you. Whether you are in need of one service or five, you can count on us to put the needs of your business first so you receive the best results possible. Check out some of our most popular digital marketing services below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does email marketing cost?

The great thing about email marketing is that you can decide how frequent and detailed your want your email marketing to be. The cost varies based on how often you want your emails to be delivered to your customers on a monthly basis, and how detailed and designed your emails will be — you can opt for a classic look once a week, or choose videos, interactive elements, and more that happen more frequently.

What are the best email marketing services?

There are numerous email marketing services that your digital marketing company may opt to use. While each service has their pros and cons, your agency will make their decision based on customization control, cost, email database size, and more so it fits the needs of your audience.

What is the best email marketing service for small businesses?

The best email marketing service for small businesses is going to be one that fits your budget, audience size, and customization control. A small business that targets a large, varying audience daily and requires minimal customization will be different than the needs of a business who sends infrequent emails to only a few people but likes to incorporate videos and other content.

What are the 4 types of marketing emails?

There are many types of marketing emails that your business can choose to utilize, and each one is specific to different user behavior and where they are in the sales funnel. You want to focus on — welcome emails, newsletters, sales, and follow-ups: these will keep users engaged, notified, and not over-burden their inbox.

Is email marketing still effective?

Email marketing can seem something from the distant past compared to SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. However, email marketing is highly important for customer retention and increasing sales. With even one email a week, you can remind customers of your business, urge them to purchase a product they viewed, alert them to a sale, or tell them of updates coming. Even if all a customer sees is your headline in their inbox, it will make sure your company stays at the forefront of their mind.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is delivering marketing notices directly to clients via their inbox. You are marketing your products, sales, services, developments, and more to clients by showcasing your brand directly in their inbox, which most people view every day, multiple times a day.

What is the value of email marketing?

Email marketing retains customers and attracts new clients who have provided you their email via your subscription offer. It offers a chance to prompt action through follow-up, staying at the forefront of their minds, alerting them to sales on products they may have shown interest in, and sparking interest in new company developments. Half of customers say they want marketing emails for sales and coupons, and 80% of businesses find email marketing has retained their customer base. For every $1 spent on email marketing, it is shown that $40 can be produced from resulting sales.

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