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What is SEO?  (Search Engine Optimization)

As a business owner, you have secured a physical location to run your business, you have built up a clientele, and you know what products and services you are providing to your community.


You have even gotten online, contacted Be More Innovations to create you a top-notch website, and now have a designed and marketable website to reach your audience.


How do you now advance your brand new website, and your company, to the top of Google search results to reach your new clientele?


SEO is the key solution to this dilemma, and we break down the quick facts about why SEO matters for you and your company.

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SEO Services in a Nutshell

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SEO is how online search engines find you, your business, your products and your services. It relies on a combination of:


  • Original, useful content that we employ writers to create for you
  • Engaging and sharable components like infographics
  • A quick-loading interface and mobile friendly layout
  • Associated links to your website found in similar content across the internet
  • Use of keywords that Google deems specific to your product and services
  • Analysis of the upcoming trends in social media and SEO progression


SEO results in an organically created search result displaying your website at the top of websites like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others.


Over 60% of all internet traffic begins with an internet search, so it is imperative your website has a high ranking in order to be discovered.


In fact, the top 5 search results receive 70% of all clicks — if your website is sixth or below, there’s only a 30% chance someone will view your website and discover your business. 


So the next time someone Googles the product or service you sell, asks Siri to display search results, or inquires to Alexa for a solution to their needs, SEO Agency Baltimore helps your website appear as one of the top results, meaning more clicks, more clients, more buys, and better business. 

How We Make SEO Marketing Results Happen

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SEO is not a paid advertisement or pay-per-click marketing, where you purchase ad space on the internet. SEO takes time to develop, research, draft, and implement, creating long-term results.


Optimizing your search engine appearance means creating online content and a website design that is search-engine friendly. Believe it or not, Google and other search engines analyze websites for the best search engine results based on numerous factors.


Google has a trust-based system, and it has created its own way of deciding whether your content is “trusted” or not.


That’s right, just like you want to confirm your marketer is trustworthy before hiring them for your business, Google wants to make sure your website’s content is trusted before displaying it as part of the top results.


Remember when your professor checked your papers for plagiarism? Google does the same thing for your website content.


It isn’t enough to copy your services page after page, Google cares that you are providing unique, specific, useful details to your clients that will give visitors to your website a fulfilling experience.


Google’s method tracks how many clicks you get, how often people stay on your website, and how many pages they visit. This means if people hop off your website because of a slow load speed, messy layout, typos, or repetitive content, Google deems you unfulfilling and drops your ranking.


Unfortunately, it is not just enough to have the right product and service, you have to know how to sell it — first to Google, then to your consumers.


Be More Innovations considers all of these factors and ensures everything from your webpage titles to the size of your images is search engine compliant and user enticing.

Local SEO vs. Organic SEO: Be More Baltimore SEO Experts are Here to Help

You just spent all this time learning about Baltimore SEO, and now you discover there are two different SEOs you should be focusing on.


Luckily for you, Be More Innovations provides SEO expert solutions for both types of SEO in Baltimore, and we can help you understand their differences to fit your business needs.


local seoLocal SEO is focused on enhancing your physical location — the address of your business and the locations you provide services for. Local SEO does not only look at trusted website content, but trusted consistency locations, phone numbers, and business name listed across the web.


Do you know how many websites list your company’s address, phone number, and business name? It’s actually a lot more than you may realize, and if even a few of those listings are old, inaccurate, or contain typos, Google deems your local business “untrustworthy” and lowers it in search engine rankings.


In fact, this is so crucial to Local SEO that it’s part of our initial analysis of your business — we want you to know right away how many websites are listing your information incorrectly.


We have the tools to fix those inaccurate listings and we continue to monitor them, so any time you move locations, add a second address, get an additional phone line, or any other changes go into effect, your info is updated on every platform, trusted by clients, trusted by you.


organic seoOrganic SEO is less focused on your physical location and more-so on your website content. If you have a product or service that is not restricted by location, organic SEO is what you want to focus on. This is what propels you to the top of the Google search results list.


Think about it, how often have you ever scrolled past the first few results, or even clicked on to the second page of results?


Your clients are doing the same thing, trusting those first few results for their solutions, because that is how Google has created their system to work best. This is about content, keywords, and interacting with your consumers, even before they ask for a quote.

Begin Creating a Tailored SEO Plan for Your Business, Baltimore

Some businesses may want to focus only on organic, some only on local, but in most cases you want a plan for each type of SEO in order to reach every client searching for your product.


Contact US for SEO Services in Baltimore, Maryland


If you still have questions, send us an email and we’ll begin to create an SEO plan for you, targeting your business needs and clientele specifically. In this day and age, you need to appeal to clients, Google, and your own goals, so let us help ease the stress and rake in results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why SEO is important?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to a digital marketing strategy because it puts your company in front of new clients. By focusing on SEO, you appear higher in Google search results, put more usable information on the web in the right format, and attract new business with new leads and recommendations.

How much does it cost for SEO services?

The cost of SEO services can vary based on different factors. SEO can include focusing on organic search results, local search results, or a combination. Each method uses various software, techniques, research, and time to create an effective plan.

Do I need an SEO agency?

An SEO agency is recommended to see the most growth in your business, but there are certainly ways to begin starting SEO on your own. Be More Innovations offers a free audit so you can receive feedback from us about what services and costs you’d be looking at before you make a decision.

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools are software and programs that perform multiple actions to carry out SEO strategies. An effective SEO tool will track rankings for both you and your competitors, provide keywords and phrases, propose questions to answer, and more.

What are the two types of SEO?

There is Organic SEO and Local SEO. Organic SEO is best for businesses that can operate anywhere, uninhibited by a location or are entirely based online. Local SEO is best for shops, restaurants, contractors, and other services limited to one area, like a city or state.

What should I ask my SEO consultant?

When working with an SEO consultant, you should ask them about your content, your keyword optimization, your web design, your ranking, and suggestions for improving your ranking.

How SEO can help in my business?

SEO can help your business by putting you in front of new clients who are googling phrases related to your industry. SEO showcases your services and products to people directly searching for content related to your business as a solution to their needs.