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baltimore md responsive web designWith Be More Innovations, you receive a stellar website design that is customized to your business. We take into consideration your industry, audience, clientele, and location when creating your responsive web design to ensure a maximized user-friendly experience.


We have worked with a variety of industries, including online retailers to local roofers and gym owners to health care professionals and lawyers. No matter the industry, each website design and content is unique to the business so your business stands out.


Our personalized dedication to your website design ensures your unique online visitors have the best experience possible.

Responsive Web Design

All designs are responsive and Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Dedicated Team

We have experts who handle all Edits, Enhancements, and Updates on your site

WordPress Management

All sites are managed on WordPress for ultimate personalization and coding options, although we will re-design a site you have hosted on another platform

Thorough Testing

All Sites are Previewed, Tested, and Approved before Updates are Launched to Live


Clients can easily find your most popular information right away

High-End Layout

The layout will be tailored towards your most in-demand demographic and their needs


You will have a call to action to your contact information on every page

Drive Sales

Visitors will find your online products or directions to your closest location without hassle

mobile friendly website

What is a Responsive Web Design?

A responsive web design is a website design that responds and adjusts to all screen sizes, from TV monitors down to smartphones. A responsive web design or mobile-friendly web design ensures that your website inherently reacts to the dimensions of the screen it is on and adjusts all elements accordingly, so visitors always have a great experience with access to all of your website’s features.


Think about it like this – have you ever visited a website on your phone, and the text was too small or so large it was overwhelming? Have you been unable to find a navigation menu on your smartphone or tablet? There are dozens of ways a web design can change from desktop to laptop to tablet and finally to your phone — we anticipate these changes and correct all of them before launch to get you the best Baltimore website design possible.

Why a Mobile-Friendly Website Development Company Matters – the Stats Around It

Over 50% of all online searches are done on a mobile device
Google docks your website credibility if visitors log off of your site in a few seconds, and that happens most often because your site isn’t mobile-friendly (over 60% of the time)
Over 70% of all mobile searches result in a same-day purchase or visit
The average person spends 3.5 hours on their phone a day, and that includes browsing, searching, and visiting websites

What Our Website Design Packages Include for Your Baltimore Business


There are two standard website development package options we offer at Be More Innovations, and you are free to reach out to us to customize either one to fit your exact needs.


With us, your website development includes:

  • Hosting, via Flywheel, and Managed on WordPress
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Domain
  • Online Payments
  • Social Media Icons
  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Interactive Elements
  • Simplistic Designs
  • Carousel Header to Greet Customers
  • Testimonials Highlighted and Featured

Looking for the latest features, designs, interactions, and more? We offer that! Your website will come with a carousel slider – a greeting on the homepage that rotates through high-quality images and captivating messages.


We can also add-in interactive elements, like flip boxes, glowing content, content that appears as your scroll, and more. From simplistic designs to interacting elements, we will create the best website design for you based on your needs and style preferences.

mobile friendly website

A Baltimore Web Development Company with More Features to Offer

infographic designWith our team of experts at Be More Innovations, you are not just getting a web development agency in Baltimore, Maryland, you are receiving a team of knowledgable professionals who understand how Google and other search engines analyze and rank websites in their search results.


Baltimore Web design and Web Development services are only some of what we offer, and our combined knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, marketing, branding, and more lets us tailor your website to the specific parameters Google is looking for, in addition to your customers.


Curious about what else we offer? Check out our full range of services:


Boost your website to the top of Google search results

Email Marketing

Reach your clients in their daily inbox with reminders, sales, promotions, prompts, and more

Social Media Marketing

Have creative, boosted posts created for your social media accounts so clients can like, repost, and share your content

Mobile App Development

Make it more convenient for your clients to buy, follow, get discounts and more from your business, right from their smartphone

Website Design Pricing

Website Design and DevelopmentIf you’re only looking for web designers in Baltimore, we’ve broken down our base packages below. We highly encourage you to send us an email to discuss the needs of your business, and we will provide you the best digital marketing package for you to achieve your goals.


It starts with website development in Baltimore, Maryland, and it grows from there, so let us be your guide and have you reach new heights.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is included in website design?

    Web Design includes a mobile-friendly responsive layout, a dedicated design and content team, WordPress management, hosting, thorough site testing, high-end layout, call to actions, domain, social media icons, interactive elements, and a carousel to greet visitors.

    How many hours does it take to design a website?

    Website design varies based on the total number of pages on the website, eCommerce store integration, and listing the number of products for sale. On average we recommend 50 hours for a complete website design but this can range higher or lower based on each company’s needs.

    How do I choose a web design company?

    You should choose your website design company based on their knowledge and creation of responsive mobile-friendly designs, their awareness of user-friendly layouts, and how well they are able to guide a user through your site via the use of call to action buttons and more.

    How does Web design help businesses?

    A poorly designed website can result in loss of customers before visitors even have a chance to review your products and services. If your site loads too slowly, is not responsive on mobile, or is hard to navigate, users will log off and find another company. A proper web design will be user friendly, helpful, intuitive, and keep clients learning about your products and services.

    What are the purposes of a good Web page design?

    The purposes of a good web page design are to showcase your services and products in a way that optimizes SEO, user experience, and guides your visitor from information to contact to a sale.

    What are the principles of website design?

    Simplicity, innovation, content, engaging, load speed, layout, and intuitive are a few of the primary principles of web design.

    How do I make my HTML website responsive?

    There are numerous different ways to ensure your HTML is website responsive. At Be More Innovations, we use a combination of meta tags, media queries, and in-theme elements to ensure the website always responds to differing screen sizes.

    How do I make my website mobile responsive?

    There are several different ways to ensure a website is fully mobile responsive; Be More Innovations utilizes meta tags, media queries, responsive layouts, resized images, and various theme elements to ensure proper resizing on all mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

    How much does it cost to hire someone to design a website?

    The cost to hire someone to design a website varies based on the needs of your website. Website design is billed based on the number of hours estimated to create the entire website, including backend responsive elements, hosting, domain, and more.