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A successful online marketing agency does not focus on just one strategy, or specialize in only one industry.


Here at Be More Innovations, we understand that the digital world is a complex structure of web design, Google searches, email promotions, and social media likes, and all of those elements need to be incorporated into your business campaign to attract new clientele and keep current customers talking.


Our team is composed of Baltiomore digital marketing experts that share a variety of talents, from content writing to seamless web design to software development.


We stay on top of all the current tech trends, and follow analytics tracking the most successful digital marketing strategies in use today, so you can get the best service available. Talk to us today about how digital marketing can help grow your business and help you reach new clientele.


With 60% of users beginning their internet browsing with an online search, it’s imperative to be at the top of search rankings, have an eye-catching and useful website, and stay in people’s thoughts with social media promotion and email reminders.


Be More Innovations has the tools for you, and we are experienced with a wide variety of industry clients, including roofers, gyms, lawyers, mental health professionals, construction companies, and more. Our writers know your field, our designers know your brand, and we’re ready to promote you to a higher clientele level.

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Search Engine Optimization in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore SEOSearch Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO. This digital marketing technique utilizes your web content to be search engine friendly and Google search compliant.


In order to get found on the world wide web, via Siri, Alexa, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others, you need your website to adhere to search engine guidelines.


Google in particular evaluates the usefulness of your website via a number of factors: web page load speed, originality of images and infographics, usefulness and length of your content, the layout and ease of use of your website navigation, your mobile friendly layout, and the amount of time users spend browsing or linking to your website.


It sounds like a lot of marks to hit because it is, but it is well worth it — the first organic search result on Google results in 20% of all clicks, the top 5 organic search results receiving 70% of all visits. If you fall at number six on the search list or below, only 30% of users may click on your website and find your products.


Achieving a successful SEO strategy is key to your online clientele potential. Talk to us about SEO strategies that will work for you. We create programs for both local SEO, which focuses on your physical location, and organic SEO, which is best for online based companies.

Desktop and Mobile Friendly Web Design

mobile friendly websiteJust like you wouldn’t scrimp on your business’ front store window, you shouldn’t scrimp on your business website.


Every day, Google receives 65,000 searches per second. With so many searches, and so many search results, you can’t afford to fall behind in design or content, because half of users move off of a website if it doesn’t load in two seconds.


More so, 86% of people look up a business on Google maps before visiting the location — they are looking for your correct address, hours, and reviews, and browsing your website to see if your products and services fit their needs.


A properly formatted website with informative content not only places you at the top of search rankings, it is more appealing and user-friendly for your potential clientele. Be More Innovations ensures your web design is properly constructed for all devices — desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.


You may design and preview your website on a computer, but what does it look like on your phone, and is it still easy to navigate? With 60% of searches being done via a mobile device, you can’t afford to hope everyone is viewing your website on a desktop.


Let our Baltimore digital marketing company design, format, create, and write fulfilling content for your website. We know how to appeal to search engines, users, and all devices, so you get the most bang for your buck and a return on your online home investment.

Email Marketing in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Email MarketingYou love getting mail, don’t you? Who doesn’t. Today, though, the best mail you can receive is in your inbox. Email is limitless, affordable, and easily customizable and personable for your clients.


Right now, sitting in my inbox, are emails from family and friends, and promotions and updates from my favorite companies. By utilizing email marketing, you are reaching people in the mailbox that they check every day, sometimes numerous times a day.


Email marketing is a great way to update your clients on new products or business changes, announce sales or promotions, and ask for feedback on your services.


Be More Innovations has the tools to measure your email marketing efforts, and assists with email blasts, content, and personalized information so your clients feel connected to you as an owner and a team, not as a faceless corporation.


Read more about our email marketing techniques and contact us to begin bringing your clients into the fold of your business today.

Social Media Marketing in Baltimore, Maryland

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not a marketing strategy that existed even 10 years ago. And now today, everything is connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.


Although social media marketing and business strategies may seem “new” they are extremely vital to a successful online marketing program.


Most people are at least on one social media site, if not multiple, and those Twitter feeds, Facebook ads, Instagram posts and LinkedIn notices are how businesses tell clients about new promotions, new services, and remind people that they are relevant and how you stay prominent.


An extreme benefit to social media marketing for your business is how casual and personable you can be with your audience and clients. Not every post is tailored to your business promotion, but they are tailored to connecting you with your users and building a communicative relationship where trust is established and a brand is created.


To see success with your social media platforms, let Be More Innovations create the best plan for use, utilizing various platforms and focusing on what your brand is specifically saying to your personal customers.


Don’t let another day go by without being shared in your client’s feeds, show them that you are there for them, one post at a time.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click marketing, PPC, is a technique used to see quick, immediate results in online marketing. PPC boosts you to the top page of search results within the “Ad” section and has the potential to increase your sales revenues.


Clientele will immediately be exposed to your website with a professional PPC strategy in place and users will have access to your products above the competition.


Be More Innovations successfully implements PPC techniques and can help advise you on the best combination of digital marketing techniques that will provide you with the best results.


PPC can often be more expensive, especially if you’re trying to rank for a popular product or service in your area. SEO is more of a long term process but boosts you to the top of organic results for a longer period of time.


Talk to our team about the best use of PPC, and let us compare your business to others in the area so we can recommend the best PPC or SEO strategy that will be the most successful for your needs.

Infographics Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Website Design and DevelopmentInfographics are a vital piece to digital marketing that is often overlooked and not discussed enough.


Infographics are quickly on the rise as a crucial design piece for SEO progression, website design, and as shareable content on social media.


An infographic combines together your key points and illustrative images to tell your visitors the summary of your products and services with quick notice.


For users who are browsing on their phone or completing a quick search on their lunch break, infographics help break down your information into an easily digested image that they can reference later or share with friends.


Infographics are also an original image to add to your website. These stand out from stock images and tell more of a story than a single image from your company.


Though there is a balance to all images used, infographics really help your users understand your message and make them feel fully included in your Internet Marketing services in Baltimore.


Be More is here to design and create personalized infographics for your business, industry, or new service promotion. Talk to us about how we can get started upgrading your website, emails, and social media with eye-catching infographics today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to do digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the combination of various different online marketing efforts, and each package looks different for each client. When considering the cost of digital marketing for your company, ask yourself which of these services you may be interested in: email marketing, pay per click advertising, SEO – Local and/or Organic, Social Media Marketing, and web design. Your digital marketing company will create a package cost for you based on your interests.

Is digital marketing profitable?

Investing in digital marketing for your company can have large financial profit outcomes. Although the cost may seem high at first, the investment returns local sales, an increase in client reach, provides informative content for your website to appeal to users, custom professional ad designs, and more, all of which increases your reputation, visibility, and sales.

Who are the best digital marketing companies?

You can determine you are working with one of the best digital marketing companies based on a few factors. What you should be receiving is a digital marketing package tailored to your industry and desired outcomes, a communicative team that provides realistic expectations and time frames, and content that is researched and focused on your company and audience.

What companies need digital marketing?

Any company can benefit from digital marketing. Local companies can increase their presence and reach in their neighborhoods; large companies can receive social media marketing to further their brand and engagement interactions; large companies will be guided to tackling new avenues of SEO, and small companies will be more visible reaching their current clients and acquiring new ones.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

Digital marketing agencies can handle various tasks based on what your needs are. An experienced digital marketing agency can: design and send timely email blasts; manage and optimize your SEO; increase your Local SEO in your city, county, or state; provide timely content for your social media and social media ad management; design and implement pay per click advertising; design you a mobile-friendly website; and more.

What can I expect from a digital marketing agency?

What you should be expecting from a digital marketing agency is clear and informative communication, content tailored to your business and industry, realistic expectations about results based on the digital marketing you want to focus on, and flexible planning based on implementing new strategies to keep up with trends.

What's a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy varies from client to client based on their focus, but the overall idea is that an effective digital marketing strategy will increase your presence online. This can be in search results, in advertising locations, on apps and social media, or by simply increasing the content and design of your website. A well planned and executed digital marketing strategy will also increase your client reach, whether from social media, search results, or advertising.

What are digital marketing platforms?

Digital marketing platforms are the different software and companies that a digital marketing agency will utilize to optimize their digital marketing efforts. These can include keyword research and analytics software, social media analytics and posters, content creation and review software, and audience and visitor tracking, among many others.

Why Choose Be More Innovations

Fastlane to Market

With our experience comes results. Since this isn’t our first rodeo, we make sure you get exactly what you expect from your digital marketing investment.

Every Penny Counts

We take client’s time and budget constraints very seriously and we deliver the best possible output.


We create digital marketing plans with the expectation that your business will grow. So when your business is booming, there will be nothing holding you back!

We Love Reviews

Online reviews are highly important and referenced by 88% of users. We incorporate review responses into our digital marketing plan to make your business as personable and highly rated as possible.

User-Friendly Web Design

We carefully prepare your website’s design to make sure it is user-friendly. The easier the website is to navigate on multiple platforms, the more successful it will be.

Responsive Support

We believe in total transparency when you partner with us. Any questions you have, we are happy to answer them.

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